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Our affordable landing pages help you get more 转换.


你如何获得更多的转换率?  With our affordable landing pages!

Our 数字营销 experts create attractive pages that show off your products and 服务 and convince visitors to join your list, 购买更多东西.


When we hear the words landing page we think 点击付费 campaigns or some other type of web promoting. A landing page can be a website page that you can or can’t find on the menu bar depending on the clients needs.

Landing pages may be linked with a special promotional ad campaign you used to record the URL or used to promote your service in a special targeted serving area.  The “promotional page” is also known as  a “Dedicated Landing Page” since it is committed just to the advertisement that acquired the guests.

Points of arrival are important to your success online, they are frequently the “makers or breakers” of how you define your return on investment of your budget. Here are a couple of different tips to help you create an ideal landing page:

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How we create the perfect landing page for you.


几年前, a few smart web advertisers found that by removing every single other diversion from your landing page – i.e. 删除菜单栏, remove your logo connecting to your home, dispose of whatever other promoting, and so on – you can increase your conversion rate dramatically. This is not a one-size-fits-all situation depending on your business. You must know your business, know your message, and most importantly, know your business sector. For some people, the stripped down, no design, non-branded landing page may look like spam. Some visitors may even think that they’ve arrived at the wrong page, or that it’s a phishing website that’s looking to harvest emails and phone numbers.


We perform what's called A/B testing on multiple versions of your make sure your page is the best one for traffic, 点击, 转换, 以及降低反弹率.

Although this can be hard work at times, it's critical for 转换. It's what we do because, well, that's what you hired us to do, and it's what we do.

Ensuring a clear and concise message.

研究表明你有 在3秒 to get your 网站 visitors attention. You need your prospect to find your main message quickly and say “Yes, this is precisely what I came here for.” By exhibiting the same message that you gave in your promotion, your guest will know that they’re on the right website.

Offering multiple ways to respond.

Depending on how the website visitor accessed your website, they may need different ways to 联系 you. Some people are on their phones, public computers, or using shared WIFI at a local coffee shop. 因为这个, some people might be reluctant to submit personal information or credit card numbers to your website at the time. We also make sure to incorporate different ways for your website visitor to 联系 you, 例如:通过电话, 触点形式, 通过普通邮件, 通过Skype, 在线聊天, or by going to your physical address.


After a website visitor has filled out the information on your landing page (or have taken the requested action), our landing pages send them to a “thank you” page. Instead of just saying “thank you”, why not give them additional information 亚博游戏网站 your other products or 服务? We can redirect your visitors to your products page, or send them to another page on your website where they can get more information 亚博游戏网站 you and your business. This is a good technique to keep visitors on your website longer. Keep in mind that visitors who are requesting more information from you are more likely to review additional products you offer and buy from you. You can also give your website visitors something for free on the “thank you” page like a special report, 免费的电子书, 优惠码, 和更多的. The potential outcomes for your “Thank You” page are endless. Since your “thank you” page will normally get a high conversion rate, this is an open door that you unquestionably need to exploit.

Let's work on those 转换 now.

Our team custom builds landing pages for your small business and offers multiple affordable pricing options to help you reach your business goals while remaining inside your budget.

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